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Food authenticity, food fraud and the need for simple labeling are major drivers for both the food industry and companies involved in rapidly developing new analytical technologies.The food industry must adapt to this changing landscape and be aware of the regulatory and legal issues that drive the change in the safety and quality of food.Research is required to validate the wild status of populations, particularly those associated with disturbed and cultivated land, and to determine population size, distribution and any threats which pose a risk to the species.Additionally is a widespread species, native to temperate Asia (Russia, Mongolia, China and Korea) and tropical Asia (Bhutan, India and Nepal); it is also cultivated (USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program 2013).The evaluation may be an on-site verification, a single-laboratory validation, or a multi-site collaborative study.SMPRs are written and adopted by AOAC Stakeholder Panels composed of representatives from the industry, regulatory organizations, contract laboratories, test kit manufacturers, and academic institutions.Nevertheless it is suspected that, to due to its widespread distribution, the population is stable.

The first validated Reference Materials for Food Allergen Analysis are now available and can be ordered from Moni QA Association (

Order the materials by using the online order form and return the completed, signed/stamped form to .

The materials come in 5 g pouches (air tight sealed) and sold for 220.- Euro per pouch or 792.- € for the set of all 4 materials.

The Reference Materials for Food Allergen Analysis can be ordered from Moni QA Association.

Moni QA Members may also qualify as Authorized Distributor of these reference materials and receive a distributor/re-seller discount (170.- € per pouch or 612.- € for the set of all 4 materials).

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