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If one postulates that a similar (or greater) catastrophe was instrumental in forming (partially or completely) the Grand Canyon, and that a comparable rate of deposition was involved, at the rate of one hundred feet per year, the 5,700 feet of strata of the Grand Canyon could have been laid down in fifty-seven years.Second, there have been numerous subsequent mudflows in the aftermath of the St. For example, on March 19, 1982, a canyon, which has come to be known as the little Grand Canyon, was formed in one day—one hundred forty feet deep!The Colorado River is approximately 1,400 miles long.It begins in Wyoming and ultimately spills into the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of California (Mexico).Could the Grand Canyon have formed much more quickly than is commonly supposed? Helens, a volcano in the state of Washington, exploded.

The dramatic characteristics of the Grand Canyon are frequently appealed to as proof that the earth has been in existence for millions of years.The earth’s crust is only twenty-five to thirty miles thick!Though scientists concede that the geologic column does not exist anywhere in completed form, they nevertheless suggest that the Grand Canyon is one of the better examples of it.Evidence suggests, therefore, that it is not necessary to speculate that the Grand Canyon was carved out over ten million years of ancient history; it could have formed much quicker than that.The geologic time table is a common feature in textbooks dealing with geology.

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The evolutionary view of geology is known as uniformitarianism, and the special phrase employed to explain it is this: “The present is the key to the past.” This theory assumes that presently operating geological processes, which work at relatively constant and incredibly slow rates, must have functioned similarly in the past.

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