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Naturally, such marriages, which are forbidden by Church canons from ancient times (canon No.14, Fourth Ecumenical Council), is still not recognized today by the Church of Cyprus (article 220b of the by-laws).Mixed marriages between Christians and non-Christians began to be permitted on Cyprus after the sanctioning of marriages registered by government agencies, for which, as opposed to church marriages, differences in religion do not serve as an obstacle.Mixed marriages are registered based upon a special document called the Matrimonial Causes Act, accepted in 1950.

In order to understand the problem of mixed marriages between Christians and Muslims on Cyprus, we have to not only know the statistics, but also have a precise understanding of what Muslim marriage is, and how it is dissolved.

In Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, and Syria, in order to have more than one wife a man has to have special permission.

This permission is granted only if the husband has the material resources to support a larger number of wives.

Nevertheless, this repugnant institution of polygamy is not rarely abused in Islam.

Muslim sources colorfully describe various right-believing Muslims and their harems.

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