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And I think that was a great, wonderful emotional moment that expressed that and at the same time didn’t make you think he was a complete fucking idiot. We had been setting up in the production facility over in Hollywood.

He was just sad, but maybe things will work out for him. And I get a call: “There’s a guy here and he says he’s the editor.” I said, “Nobody’s been hired yet, that’s impossible.” And he’s like, “He’s sitting here.

But the daunting thing for me was that this was my first time doing it.

I left the meeting and on the way home I was thinking, Sheryl Lynn was the girl next door. Paul wanted that sex to be very different from porn sex. And then we took a three-piece plaster mold and split it right down the center so it was one side, one side, and then there was a back plug that had the core that created the receptacle in the testicles.

The script originally said something like, “Do you know who John Holmes is? The guys from KNB [EFX Group] came out to the set one day when we were shooting at the West Covina house and they did a fitting on Mark to see if the size and everything was what Paul wanted.

He had to put a prosthetic cock on his own cock, you know what I mean? When I really sat back and watched it for the first time without seeing it early in the movie, I sat there not caring!

I’d gone through the whole movie and I’d gone through it emotionally without having to see the dick!

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And so we’d give that to Mark and he would go in the bathroom and he’d do that and he’d come out and Garrett would glue it all down.

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