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Their investigation quickly focuses on the dead man's boss whose wife he had been openly having an affair with.Meanwhile, Quinn's romantic involvement with one of the boat drivers lands him in hot water with Hawker. Gibson, Anthony Martin as Chopper Lewis (uncredited) Note: did you spot the i Phone?As a series of arson fires are set at properties owned by the deceased doctor, the detectives focus their investigation on one of the doctor's patients who is a serial arsonist.Meanwhile, the Nemesis crew observe a man dumping illegal drugs in the harbour.Guest Starring: Peter O'Brien as Matthew Grierson, Alexandra Davis as Elyse Pritchard, Damon Herriman as Todd Grierson, Michael Labran as Sean Robey, Allison Cratchley as Emma Woods, Rebecca Smart as Donna Janevski, Anthony Martin as Chopper Lewis, Joss Mc William as Lance Rorke, Genevieve Mooy as Marie Chapple, Ben Steele as Rowan Marsden, Emily Howe as Sondra Mc Intyre, Merran Doyle as Molly Welch, Emily Doyle as Kaitlyn Welch.

The strange case leads Jack and Alex into the investigation of the faked death of an accountant with ties to a people-smuggling operation.Guest Starring: Rebecca Smart as Donna Janevski, Joss Mc William as Lance Rorke, Allison Cratchley as Emma Woods, Anthony Martin as Chopper Lewis, Jeanette Cronin as Kerry Gibbs, Lisbeth Kennelly as Michelle Barlow, Maggie Dence as Joy Turner, Mark Lee as Travis Dewar, Rebecca Clarke as Shona Macpherson, Thomas Holesgrove as Steve Macpherson, Jessica Nothdurfter as Hannah Gibbs, Julie Lowe as Shopkeeper Episode 5.15 (130) May 30, 2000 Written by Denise Morgan Directed by Ray Quint The investigation of a murder yields the detectives two witnesses, but each one identifies a different man as the killer.Meanwhile, Quinn and Sykes are kept busy by an elderly escape artist practising his dangerous craft in the harbour.The divers recover the drugs but when one of the packets goes missing, Internal Affairs is called in.Guest Starring: Lawrence Breuls as Enrico Ranzolin, Gael Ballantyne as Angela Ranzolin, Beth Champion as Samantha James, Paul Roper as Peter Sandberg, Peter Damien Hayes as Archie Close, Jay Mannering as Alan Davies, John Scholes as Dr.

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Guest Starring: Rebecca Smart as Donna Janevski, Joss Mc William as Lance Rorke, Allison Cratchley as Emma Woods, Anthony Martin as Chopper Lewis, Hayley Mc Elhinney as Sherrilyn Kelly, Justin Green as Wayne John Stewart, Kelly Butler as Rebecca Beaufort, Mark Slater as Toby Kelly, Matt Storer as Danny, Rodney Samuel as NPWS Officer Episode 5.14 (129) May 23, 2000 Written by Kristen Dunphy Directed by Russell Burton The detectives try to determine the identity of a lost six-year-old girl found wandering Circular Quay in blood-streaked clothes and eventually find themselves trying to unravel the circumstances of her father's murder.

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