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Starters are not likely to see significant playing time until the third preseason match because coaches don't want to risk injuries to their key players The Hall of Fame game is an extra preseason one for both the Cardinals and the Cowboys, and fans should not expect either team to go off the script.

Palmer, 37, threw for 4,233 yards last year with 26 touchdowns.

The app also includes a dedicated gameday guide with venue policies, visitor guides, an interactive map, parking information and the gameday timeline. 7 Washington in a game billed as the "War Before the Shore." The first 5,000 fans into the stadium will receive a specially branded "War Before the Shore" beach towel.

The mobile app is now live and available via free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. An exclusive student giveaway of a Rutgers football branded adidas tank top and a pair of sunglasses will go to the first 2,000 students in the student section.

Rod Mc Huff (Facebook): I do feel proud of our team. Daniel Waswick (Facebook): What an implosion, hard to's not a good NDTeam! Yednock (Facebook): These are easily correctable mistakes. I want to see how they respond to see if they have grit (and would love to see them stop making these silly mistakes). Derek Bradley (Facebook): He (Lewerke) definitely deserves a chance.

So it's a lot that I can get better at knowledge-wise."While the first preseason game of the year is just the first step of a long marathon of a season, it can be quite important to undrafted players who are hoping to make the team or the practice squad.Being that I'm not a football fanatic, I didn't expect to be too into it.However, they have a lot of interactive things throughout the visit that can suit anyone and everyone.Ian Mc Hale (Facebook) If he would have missed that I think it would have devolved into full blown [email protected] (Twitter): Last time Notre Dame beat a team from B1G, Big-12, Pac-12 or SEC? Gary Brittan (Facebook): We get 'em off the field on 3rd down and then just give him a first down... Sparty Rogers (Facebook): The last fumble did MSU in, not justifying none of the turnovers but this team is very young. that offsides is the same as a [email protected]_Dewar (Twitter): I didn't expect to win but this is awful seeing so many mistakes. David Thuma (Facebook): No anger or emotion on the sideline, just sitting there and taking it. @Up Deck Jerk Guy (Twitter): When does basketball season start? I expected many mistakes but not this bad but I can live with it. Darcy Sparty (MSU Red Cedar Message Board): I don't know whether to harbor some hope for the rest of the season or weep uncontrollably into whatever beer I have left in my fridge. Our defense played much better than the scoreboard [email protected] (Twitter): Appreciate all the fans that came out!

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Has some really cool football games, where you get to throw/kick/receive the ball. - Michael Chen PRO TIPS: 1) Go early in the morning, 3) wear athletic shoes, 4) park at the Georgia Aquarium (safe and secure), 5) spend plenty of time at The Playing Field, 6) eat a late lunch in the city, 7) be impressed!

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