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" and if the answer was "yes" I knew that I was not really going to be ill. We live in a different state now but he knows all about my memories of Massapequa Park...I didn't appreciate them, of course, when I was growing up but, now that I am a Medicare card-carrying senior, my childhood and my early memories are so sweet.Please do respond if you share any of these memories! Tom Dean Tackapausha Park - technically Seaford but right on the border. Fishing in the reservoir just east of the railroad station parking lot Don't forget the Baldwin brothers I seem to recall (back in the 60s) there being a small amusement park somewhere on long island named "Dicks Park". When my family moved to Old Westbury, in 1970, Mrs. The diner at the outdoor mall, was great place for any kid to visit because of the ever interesting, wallpaper of dogs playing poker. & of course the Hawthorn School song This is in response to Bob (7/21/17). What greater dream could a bored and ready to get out senior in high school have than to arrive at school on a beautiful spring day and find out classes are cancelled until further notice due to a teacher strike!!! Stopped at the massapequa diner to show my wife Long Island diner food. We had two gym teachers, Miss Tulley and Mr Ceily who got married to each other while I was a student there. Within these halls of learning, our glad young voices ring.As we returned to the house, their was a big sigh of relief from the neighbors, when Beau Beau jumped out of the car. I also remember trying to get the ring as you went around the carousel.At the beach club, I was taken out by the undertow, and saved by a young couple on the beach. When I was little it was really scary as I had to lean so far over to reach the wooden arm that dispensed the rings.While visiting my Grandparents in Brooklyn, my house had a fire, which turned out to have be caused by roast beef cooking in the oven.When the firemen brought out the charred remains of the roast beef, they all believed that it was my dog Beau Beau. For many years it is where both of my sisters and I would choose to go for our birthdays, so that meant at lest 3 times a year.

Going to Bar Harbor and getting a slice at Pizza Supreme was the norm. I spent most of 1970 before leaving for college working extremely hard breaking into the brigade by peeling potatoes and cutting the fries ultimately climbing the ladder of success to a glamorous (and clean) front counter spot.I went to catechism there - prepared for and received my First Confession and First Holy Communion (under the command of a very strict nun). I could also hear her coming because she always wore the kind of dress that made a wooosh sound when she walked down the hall. In Harbor Green, there was always a roaming gang of wild kids playing on the streets, running through neighbor's backyards, playing at construction sites; and having fun on the beach.So many boys' faces 9and sometimes names - Anthony Zengrea, Tommy Werner, Michael Duffy, Bobby Mullen, the Bustards, the Zimmers, the Maddens, the Mullers, the Hesses) come to mind. On Riviera Drive, there was always a group of kids playing outside. She enjoyed the stories about my personal rebellion against authority figures at the school.I attended Summer Rec at Fairfield that summer and remember crying because I missed too many days and they wouldn't let me be in the production. When we were very small and my parents would go out on a Sat. In high school and after we would go and eat there and get the bar pie.... Yes the others are good as well but I don't think I have ever had any as good as Musicaros. Personally I recall being in a cafe in North Carolina and seeing All American burger and fries bags framed on the wall.One of the counselors took me to the kitchen and we ate ice cream out of the carton. My grandfather died and we had to find a house with an apartment so my grandmother could live with us. From fourth grade until I graduated from high school I remained in the Shores. No longer did I have the connections to the people that were such good friends. I guess when you put it all together, I was very fortunate to have my three Massapequas because I have such fond memories of all of them. My children grew up in Virginia and I don't think their memories of childhood are rich as mine were. Does anyone remember the pictures on the wall of the Miss Reingold girls. The owner was of course a Massapequa native and reported that at least five times every week someone new would recognize the bags and All American stories would be shared.

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