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It was most fatal to those manufacturers who had undertaken to produce fabrics of the highest order, or which belong to an advanced state of the manufacturing prosperity of a nation.Be this as it may, however, it fell with crushing force upon that branch in which I was engaged.Les pamphlets, hélas, peuvent encore être pris au premier degré par des esprits simplistes.Ainsi le chasseur de nazi Serge Klasfeld demande tout simplement qu’on ne les republie pas et envisage même de porter plainte contre Gallimard.The armies sent out to battle with Indian, and other foes, on the banks of the Wabash, the Illinois, the Detroit, the Raisin and the Miami of the Lakes, had opened to observation attractive scenes for settlement; and the sword was no sooner cast aside, than emigrants seized hold of the axe and the plough.This result was worth the cost of the whole contest, honour and glory included.On peut les qualifier de maintes façons, mais avec un regard d’aujourd’hui ils sont tout simplement ignobles, répugnants…

Or bien des voix s’élèvent pour dire qu’il faudrait également confier les analyses à des historiens, car il ne s’agit pas que de littérature…The treaty of Ghent, which put a period to the war with England, was a blessing to many individuals and classes in America: but, in its consequences, it had no small share of the effects of a curse upon that class of citizens who were engaged in certain branches of manufactures.It was a peculiarity of the crisis, that these persons had been stimulated by double motives, to invest their capital and skill in the perfecting and establishment of the manufactories referred to, by the actual wants of the country and the high prices of the foreign articles.Twenty-two years of this period have elapsed since I entered on the duties of an Executive Agent for the United States Government in its higher northern latitudes among the Indian tribes in the west.Having devoted so large a portion of my life in an active sphere, in which the intervals of travel left me favourable opportunities of pursuing the languages and history of this branch of the race, it appears to be a just expectation, that, in sitting down to give some account of this people, there should be some preliminary remarks, to apprise the reader how and why it is, that his attention is recalled to a topic which he may have supposed to be well nigh exhausted.

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Vive polémique en France autour du projet d’édition des trois pamphlets antisémites de Louis Ferdinand Céline, introuvables depuis la fin de la seconde guerre mondiale.

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