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As the story proceeds the situation becomes more and more intense, every character gives a different aura -even though some end up dead which adds the thrill to this manga, the twist and turn of events also adds enjoyment(many things happen very unexpected), and some perverted scenes that are inserted on serious situations which I think is also good(for a little change of mood). All the chapters are essential, there's no waste of chapter for some kinda boring and dragging filler and after reading all the 21 chapters you will still want more of it.And the good thing is there's "Kamisama no Iutoori Ni" for those who might want more(this is neither a sequel nor a prequel it happens in parallel with the first one).

She's been staying with him ever since, but he left her one day.I mean, I don't know what this is about this manga, but it's absolutely awesome. is boring." We have all had this thought at some point throughout our lives, and thanks to the high level of technology today, we are able to escape from our boring life into the amazing world of video games, movies, anime and countless other mediums.Go read NOTE: Because of the many cultural references, there are so many translator notes, so if you're not up for reading those, don't start. Yet we realize that they only provide a momentary relief from our boring life and we soon wish that our life was akin to our favorite movie/book/show or that we could somehow be truly a part of that world.And after that shocking start, this manga continued to give more intense situations, chapter after chapter.Though the events in general are kinda repeating -- after an event ofc there's a victor and many dead persons then it proceeds to another event to further filter(kill) the students then just repeat that cycle, but this manga doesn't make you feel that it was boring and repeating.

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