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Nobody is perfect and of course, even I am not an exception.

I just need someone who will understand me and who will love me with all his heart and soul.

I am not sure that I can characterize myself, and, to tell the truth, I don`t see any sense in doing it.

We see ourselves in one way, but people who surround us in other...

Where work is concerned they can often be divided, revealing themselves to be stubborn, perseverant and anxious to do a good job down to the last detail, whilst at other times, they appear lax, careless and can let themselves go to laziness.

Because it`s always better to look from the outside... I am looking for a man who will be with me for all my life. But there are some traits which should be in my partner`s character, such as reliability, solicitude and decency...

I am one of the women for whom happiness means family, but not money, successful career or something else.

In my spare time, I enjoy Music/Play Instruments, Playing Cards/Chess, Sports/Workout, etc.

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