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The only thing I did like is the games section but not many people join in. Read Full Review I like the fact that one can create a profile there and search for people of similar interests.I have chatted with many friendly and interesting people although I have encountered several perverts too. And yea there are bad people but thats really normal.Out of every 300 people one turns out to be a good person , its just not worth spending time on this site & my picture which i uploaded was copied & was found on some other site. Read Full Review This chat was once a decent chat until these vulgar Turkish men and Pakistani men began to frequent this chatroom. There's a bad vibe on there and it's very hard to make simple conversation with the opposite sex.They do nothing but belittle females and make sexual inuendos about our family members. Periodically, I like to revisit spinchat; which is surreal, because as I grew and developed as a person spin just stayed the same. Read Full Review Spinchat is a amazizing webiste where you can chat freely. The women on there seem cold ,angry and poorly mannered while there is also the problem of some perverts (mostly men) who contribute to this bad vibe by sending innapropriate messages.

They are not allowed to moderate PRIVATE chats and only those in open rooms They only ban- remember- non paid members that they DO NOT LIKE. There is a possibility that your email is also LEAKED by them as you get many SPAM after joining…Some other games include Backgammon, Battleships, Spiffel, Bot game and Chain Reaction.The rules of the game are mentioned along with, so even if you are a beginner, the simple instructions would help you get through with them.Choose groups according to your hobbies and interests and get associated with people having common interests as you.Share your thoughts and information on the boards of '.

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Read Full Review It's one of those chat sites where the regulars believe you are entering THIER chat room and often bully people who may share different views.

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