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becoming one of the few films to win in all main categories.

In contrast, some reviewers criticized the film as misogynist for its focus on brutal murders of women, and blamed it for homophobia due to its main villain, serial killer "Buffalo Bill".

She gained positive notices for her performances in Adrian Lyne's debut feature film Foxes (1980), which focuses on the lives of Los Angeles teenagers, and Carny (1980), in which she played a waitress who runs away from her former life by joining a touring carnival.

Aware that child stars are often unable to successfully continue their careers into adulthood, Foster became a full-time student at Yale in fall 1980, and her acting career slowed down in the following five years.

Foster's first film release after the success of The Accused was the thriller The Silence of the Lambs (1991).

She played FBI trainee Clarice Starling, who is sent to interview incarcerated serial killer Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) in order to solve another serial murder case; Foster later named the role one of her favorites.

The film focuses on the aftermath of a gang rape and its survivor's fight for justice in the face of victim blaming.Before making the film, Foster was having doubts about whether to continue her career and planned on starting graduate studies, but decided to give acting "one last try" in The Accused.She had to audition twice for the role and was cast only after several more established actors had turned it down, as the film's producers were wary of her due to her previous failures and because she was still remembered as a "chubby teenager".I had a prodigious life, living in a grown-up world when I was a child.But I think my abilities were about perceptiveness and they were about examining psychology and examining people and relationships.

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